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January 12, 2010

Team Jacob

Feel free to use my tutorial in any way you would like. Although it is my ideas that will guide you, please feel free to do whatever you choose with it!

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP.

Needed supplies:

Scrap Kit of choice or the one I am using. This kit is by Pimp My Tags With Scraps and can be purchased at Pimp My Tags w/ Scraps called Twi-Team Bundle by Designs by Sarah & Cora's Creations.

Masks of Choice: the masks I used came from Vix under goodies. Her site can be found here

I used Vix Mask71.

Template: The template I am using is by Missy. You can download them from her site. There are links on the left you can use to download.

I used Template 278.

Image of choice. My image is by David Desbois. You can visit his deviantart site here. I have permission from him to use his artwork in my tutorials.

Plugins: If so desired I used EyeCandy4000, Gradient Glow.

Open all supplies needed for this tutorial. Add the mask to your mask file or open them in PSP.

If you are unfamiliar with a template it is very simple and easy to use. Basically, you click on the layer you wish to color. Then, Selections, Select All, Selections Float, Selections Defloat, Selection Invert (for papers) and then select the paper layer and hit the delete key on your keyboard. If you are using a flood fill color, just add a new layer and flood fill the selection. If you are using a round shape, you would also need to go to Selections, Smooth, 10 for settings, then Invert. I won't be writing these directions out every time.

Starting at the bottom this is what I added to the template.

Raster 1 - floodfill white.
Square 1 - drag Square 2 down under the frame 1 layer. Merge group. Copy and paste sb_pmt_team-jacob-pp10 as the paper.
Frame 1 - Merge this layer with Frame 2. Using your Manual Color Correction, change the frame from pink to white.
Square 2 - See square 1.
Frame 2 - See Frame 1.
Circle - sb_pmt_team-jacob-pp2 using "Paste INTO selection" choice.
Frame 3 - Using your Manual Color Correction, change the frame from pink to black.
thin rectangle 1 - keep as is.
thin rectangle 2 - Merge with thin rectangle 3. Copy and paste sb_pmt_team-jacob-pp8 as a the layer.
thin rectangle 3 - See thin rectangle 2.
dotted line 1 - Merge this layer with dotted line 2. Using your Manual Color Correction, change the frame from pink to white.
dotted line 2 - See dotted line 1.
Words - delete or hide.
by missy - delete or hide.

Add a drop shadow of -1, -1, 50, 5 to all template layers.

Open sb_pmt_team-jacob-pp7. Add your mask to this layer. Merge group. Resize to fit tag.

Add tube/image. See below for misting. I had to resize my tag by 80% for the tube to fit correctly.

Misting an image is very easy. Using your magic wand, freehand selection, use these options:

Click on the image and choose Promote Background Layer. Now, start anywhere in the image you want to begin. What you are going to do is left click to place the pointer and then move the line to the next point and click again to make a rough cutout of the portion of the image you would like to mist. When you are done, right click and the selection will be made. Then, hit delete on your keyboard once or twice to feather the image around it.

Add your elements of choice. See tag for exact placement and resize as necessary. I added:

sb_pmt_team-jacob-full moon top left of tag.
sb_pmt_team-jacob-branch 1 rotated a bit to the left, under the circle frame layer. Duplicate and mirror.
sb_pmt_team-jacob-pawprints on top of the layers to the middle left.
sb_pmt_team-jacob-word art 1 to the top center.
sb_pmt_team-jacob-stitches to the bottom middle.
sb_pmt_team-jacob-button 1 on top of the "L" in loyal, on the top right of the tag.
sb_pmt_team-jacob-flair to the bottom right.
sb_pmt_team-jacob-rain 2 over top the whole tag.

Add any other elements of your choice. Drop shadow your layers and merge them where you would like.

Add your copyright at this time.

Add your text of choice. I used Almagro Regular font. I also added a 3.0 medium green gradient glow to my tag with a drop shadow.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please feel free to send me your results!


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